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The Australian Equality Podcast has landed.

Every week we’re going to be bringing you news about what’s going on at AEP HQ, as well as interviews with some fabulous people people doing all sorts of brilliant things to promote fairness, equality and, human rights. We wanted to kick off our first episode by bringing you the audio of a presentation at our recent Change Makers forum.

Jesse Marks is a campaigner for Animals Australia and he has been involved in animal welfare campaigns that have made international news; banning live cattle exports and live baiting in the greyhound racing industry just to name a few.

In this episode of the AEP Podcast Jesse teaches us how he does his work, and how you too can build a community around the things you want to change.

Australian Equality Party
The Australian Equality Party (AEP) is committed to changing the Australian political landscape by promoting a just, transparent and inclusive society for all Australians.