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Last week four members of the team headed up to Hepburn Springs for a great evening hosted by one of our members, Christine Lewis. Christine has a high profile in the local area and is well known as an energetic and effective community organiser.

Chris opened her home and invited a stack of people to share their thoughts and ideas about Equality. Jason and Jacqui talked a little about the AEP’s journey so far and what we are hoping to achieve. Some of the issues discussed were: mental health, workplace bullying, marriage equality, and the importance of recognising and remembering what the LGBTIQ community has already achieved; being positive – and not always negative – is important.

Australian Equality Party in Daylesford

One of the questions raised was about whether 10% was an accurate broad brushstroke figure of the percentage of the population that identifies as LGBTIQ. The room thought that was far too low! Gotta love the Daylesford region!

If any of our members or supporters would like to organise a similar event, or just an informal kitchen table chat, that would be fantastic. Happy to help in any way we can.


Great night and thanks to Chris and Barbara Streisand, aka Maureen Andrews.




The Change Makers blew us away

This is what we are about: equality, fairness and, human rights. We don’t just want to be a proud new voice in Australian politics but we also want to build a community that values what we do.


AEP Deputy Leader, Jacqui Tomlins brought together some of the smartest social change makers in the country to do one thing: to show us how they’ve changed our country for the better and how we could too.



Mic check, one, two, AEP Podcast Now Recording

The Australian Equality Podcast has landed.

We wanted to kick off our first episode by bringing you the audio of a presentation Jesse Marks gave at our recent Change Makers forum. Jesse Marks works for Animals Australia as a campaigner, if you don’t think you’ve ever heard of Animals Australia, you’re wrong.

Listen to the podcast here.

Bronwyn Evans
Bronwyn is a writer who teaches creative writing in Melbourne. Her play was performed in the Ten in 10 Festival in 2013, exploring issues relating to foster care for same sex couples. Her work has appeared in various Australian and international anthologies and journals. She was a contributing editor of ‘28 People Write’, a 2012 anthology of Australian writing. She holds degrees in Arts and Business and is currently studying Community Services. She has a keen interest in social justice and human rights and is an active volunteer in the homeless and migrant education sectors.